Rehabilitation Vs. Punishment: Introduction

It is a crime to get addicted to a bad habit. When I say a bad habit, it is a habit which affects the overall health of a human being. It is important to know that an addiction of such kind through various substances of drugs or alcohol leads to crime. It is usually due to the mental status a person occupies in the hangover. But a crime is a crime whether one commits it in good mental status or a bad one. Finally, he or she is a criminal. A criminal has to undergo punishment according to the law. But there are circumstances where a criminal can undergo rehabilitation to gain a normal status of mind to understand what is happening around him/her and to refrain from Free drug rehab intervention and centres - Rehab Finder committing the crime repeatedly. This article gives a comparison between the two possibilities after crime – Rehabilitation and Punishment.




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Punishment is an idea of rehabilitation when employed on Children. It is providing the negative consequences for wrong behaviors which are expected to avoid such a behavior and the aim of punishment is to enable children to become better citizens in the society.


Mild punishment in conjunction with reinforcement of the desired behavior is known to change a person's mental attitude and hence reducing crime. Also, harsh punishments lead to aggression and evasion.

Prisons, in general, are poorly maintained and the inmates undergo a lot of harassment from the guards and other prisoners. It is innate that a prisoner suffers more than just the punishment during his/her tenure inside the jail.

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Rehabilitating a prisoner is one of the best practice to change the scene of the crime in a society. A criminal can only be changed through mindset. So it is important to counsel such a person and understand why the crime was committed even before a punishment or a rehabilitative task is assigned to him/her. Researchers suggest that gaining insight into the cause of a crime can be helpful in rehabilitating an inmate of a prison. Through cognitive behavioral approach, rehabilitation can be considered even inside the prison to bring out better people to the society. A punishment which is rehabilitative is preferred over retributive punishments. Such a rehabilitative program takes advantage of therapies which arise by close monitoring of the day to day activities of a prisoner. They encourage in assuming the responsibility of the victim for instance and hence change their own behavior.

It is challenging to ensure that right programmer are assigned to the right people at the right time in a prison offering rehabilitation. There are various policies and rules to be followed in doing so and hence time is a flaw. It is important to initiate the process at court by extracting low offenders from the prison and sending them to a rehab instead of exposing them to a place with high-risk offenders. It affects the mindset to a greater extent which will, in turn, complicate the process of cognitive behavioral approach for rehabilitation. Hence, the court plays an important role in rehabilitation. The prison design and the court policies also matter in helping a person come out of addiction. The staff should be trained, supervised and resourced well to deliver good quality rehabilitation without compensating it just because the person is a prisoner. Rehabilitation is the same for all may it is a criminal or an addicted person. The process is the same.

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